Key West Unique Caribbean Caterer

We provide unique Caribbean inspired catering services.
Contact us today to begin designing your perfect island style wedding or corporate event in Key West.

Professional Island Inspired Event Organization

Destination Catering & Events will create your dream Caribbean affair in the greater Key West area.
We are your partner for all food and drink services, venue locations, event equipment and entertainment. We provide packages that are tailored to your exact specifications and requirements. We don’t just cater food, we cater to you and guarantee your satisfaction.

Personalized Caribbean Menus

Our chefs will personalize your food and drink menus with a variety of culinary treats that will delight you and your guests. Our ingredients are locally sourced and always fresh. Your Caribbean inspired menu can include wild-caught fish directly from the crystal waters of Key West and vine-ripened produce from our neighbors in Homestead Florida.

We Don’t Just Cater Food, We Cater to You

Born out of a combined passion for tantalizing island cuisine and outstanding service, Destination Catering & Events has made creating amazing meals our passion. We are proud to count a growing number of individuals in Key West and the Florida Keys as our valued clients. We create innovative and artful dishes that meld Caribbean and contemporary cooking to meet the discerning tastes of each client. When you choose Destination Catering & Events, rest assured that the quality of service is never in question.

Call us today at 305-517-6513 to plan
your next Caribbean style event.

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